The Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan provide consulting services in both Sport Medicine and Sport Science areas to designated athletes and coaches in Saskatchewan (eg. provincial sport governing bodies).  The following are the science and medicine disciplines the SMSCS utilizes to provide consulting services and programming:


  1. Exercise Physiologist
  2. Biomechanist
  3. Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  4. Mental Trainer
  5. Sport Dietitian


  1. Sport Physical Therapist
  2. Certified Athletic Therapist
  3. Sport  Physician
  4. Sport Massage Therapist
  5. Sport Chiropractor

The SMSCS has established a set of minimum standards for Consultant Qualifications for each of the above disciplines. 

Exception Note: A Sport Designation is not required to provide Medical Coverage at Sport Events.  However, priority is ALWAYS given to those that have their designation.

BENEFITS of Being an SMSCS Consultant:

  • The opportunity to represent the Council and be selected to provide consulting services on a fee for service basis.
  • Email Newsletter (3 times yearly).
  • The opportunity to be listed on the Council’s website as a consultant in the area you have been approved for by the SMSCS.
  • The opportunity to apply for funding for Professional Development.
  • The opportunity to rent medical equipment at reduced rates.
  • Reduced registration fee for professional development seminars/conferences hosted by the Council.
  • General liability and malpractice insurance for any services provided on behalf of the SMSCS.


The Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan is comprised of groups and individuals from a diversity of scientific and medical disciplines who are committed to promoting safe and healthy participation in competitive sport and to supporting and optimizing competitive sport performance through the delivery of high quality and evidence based sport medicine and science services to our clients with a priority on the Sask Sport Inc. membership.

Sport Taping WorkshopResource Materials & InformationMental Performance Services
Sport First Aid WorkshopSport 1st Aid Supplies & Kits ProgramBiomechanics Services
Drug Education & Awareness ProgramMedical Coverage of Events ProgramCanadian Sport Centre-Sask (Services Contract)
Nutritional Supplements Education ProgramMedical Equipment Loan & Rental ProgramMarketing Program (Sponsorship, Promotion)
Sport Nutrition ServicesMovement Screens and Fitness TestingStrength and Conditioning Services
Exercise Equipment and Supplies Sales ProgramProfessional Development Seminars/ ConferencesSleep & Performance Education Sessions
Sport Medicine Services (Initial Injury Assessment Program; Injury care, prevention, and rehabilitation)Sport Medicine Education Sessions (eg. Warm up/cool down; EAP’s, recognition and care of common sport injuries, etc.)Other Special Projects
Exercise Physiology ServicesConcussion Education & Management ProgramProfessional Development Grant Program

 The Council provides numerous sport medicine and science programs and services (see chart) to the “user group” membership of Sask Sport Inc. (eg. PSGB’s, CAS, Sport Districts, etc.), to its own “provider group” membership (SASM, SPC-SK, SATA, CSMTA-SK, CAS), as well as its consultant groups.

Individuals interested in becoming a member of the Council can do so by becoming a member of one of the Council’s provider groups:

– Saskatchewan Academy of Sports Medicine

– Sport Physiotherapy Canada- Saskatchewan Division

– Saskatchewan Athletic Therapists Association

– Chiropractors Association of Saskatchewan

– Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association- SK Chapter

– University of Regina, Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies

– University of Saskatchewan, College of Kinesiology

Individuals interested in becoming a consultant must complete an application form and submit to the Council for approval. Contact: Stacey Silzer, Coordinator of Safety & Professional Development ( ph.306-780-9446, e: if you would like to become a consultant.

Sport Science Consultant Application

Client Reference Letter Template

Employer Reference Letter Template

Strength Training Practical Accountability Template

Sport Medicine Consultant Application

Service Provider Application (Medical Coverage at Events)

The SMSCS has established a set of minimum standards for Consultant Qualifications for each of the above disciplines. These minimum standards can be found on the Council’s website at Final approval must be granted by the SMSCS’s Board of Directors. Exception Note: A sport specific medical designation is not required to provide Medical Coverage at Sport Events. However, priority is ALWAYS given to those that have their designation.