Minimum of Bachelor of Science in Nutrition


  • Must be a member with Dietitians of Canada (DC)
  • Must be a member of Saskatchewan Dietitians Association (SDA)
  • Must have liability insurance
  • Must have teaching/presentation experience
  • Must have completed one of the following:
    • Certified Specialist in Sport Dietitian (CSSD) destination
    • International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sport Nutrition Diploma
    • Master’s Degree in Science (MSc) in a field/discipline relevant to sport nutrition
    • Successful challenge of the SMSCS “Sport Nutrition Competency Exam” & fulfillment of the SMSCS Mentorship process

Note: approved SMSCS Sport Nutrition Consultants are referred to as Sport Dietitians

Services Provided

  • Basic Sport Nutrition
  • Fluids for Sport
  • Pre-Event and Post-Event Nutrition
  • Nutrition on the Road
  • Tournament and Multi-Event Nutrition
  • Weight Issues – Gaining and Losing Weight
  • Nutritional Supplements

Updated as of November 2023