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Job Posting: Full Time Program Coordinator Send Mark Henry Application smcs@sasktel.net

1st Aid Supplies Sales

SMSCS is proud to be able to provide sports groups across Saskatchewan with professional 1st aid supplies in order to ensure the safety of all athletes. Please view the drop down and let us know how we can help fill

Communicable Disease Protocols

Own the Podium and Sport Institute Network’s Advisory on COVID-19 Please follow the link below to review this protocol. https://www.smscs.ca/links/own-the-podium-and-sport-institute-networks-advisory-on-covid-19/


We love to keep our members and consultants up to date on new and exciting things happening within The Council. Take a read and stay current on programs and services offered. If you would like to be added to our

Mental Performance

Individual and group sessions are available in the area of mental training. Topics in this area are: relaxation team building and group dynamics attentional control (focus/concentration) emotion control (stress management) arousal control self awareness goal setting mental imagery self talk

Sport Nutrition

Individual and Group sessions can be arranged in a variety of nutrition topic area: basic sport nutrition pre/post event meals nutrition on the road tournament and multi-event nutrition fluids for sport weight management supplements, herbals, & homeopathic products