Developing Your Concussion Management Protocol Plan

The SMSCS has developed the following SEVEN-STEP process to assist sport organizations in the development of their Concussion Management Protocol Plan (CMPP):

1) Contact the SMSCS (see contact info below) to begin discussion on the entire process.

2) Go to the Parachute Canada website (

a. Menu-Injury Topics-Concussion-Resources-Professional Resources.

b. Once in the Professional Resources page, you will find various Concussion Management Planning Templates (CMPT). Use the Canadian Harmonized Sport Concussion Protocol template to develop your sport organization’s Protocol Plan.

3) Review the Template. Then go through the numerous resources the SMSCS has listed on their website (video’s, handouts, SMSCS 1-hr education session, websites, posters, apps) to see which of these resources best suite the needs of your sport organization to assist in the development your CMPP.  Parachute Canada also has numerous resources listed.

4) Re-contact the SMSCS if you have any questions regarding the template, your sport’s specific concerns/questions, as well as your selected resources.

5) Develop your sport organization’s Concussion Management Protocol Plan and forward it to the SMSCS to be reviewed by an SMSCS consultant/expert.

6) Sport Organizations then make appropriate changes recommended by the SMSCS Consultant. You then bring forward your Plan forward to your Board of Directors for approval.

7) Submit approved Plan to SMSCS to keep on file.

For further information and how to develop your CMPT contact:
Sport Medicine & Science Council of Saskatchewan Inc.
2205 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK S4P 0S4
Phone: 306-551-9094
Fax: 306-780-9416

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