Minimum Qualifications

Diploma of Sport Medicine through CASEM

  • Must have an unrestricted license in Canada and be actively practicing in Canada
  • The primary care physician must be a member in good standing with the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine and Exercise Medicine (CASEM) and the Saskatchewan Academy of Sport Medicine (SASM)
  • Other specialists, certified as FRCPC or FRSCS do not require a CASEM diploma
  • Should have experience working with high performance athletes
  • Must have valid liability insurance


  • Sport First Aid Workshops
  • Sport Taping Workshops
  • Sport Medicine Education Sessions
  • Injury Prevention (Warm up/Cool down, Stretching, Flexibility, Biomechanics, Screening)
  • Injury Assessment & Recognition
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Injury Care of Common Injuries
  • Injury Care of Life Threatening Injuries
  • Return to Sport following an Injury
  • Medical Coverage at Sporting Events
  • Concussion Education

Updated as of July 2020

NOTE: Doctors can be any of the following practicing professionals. (information taken from the professional’s National web site)

  • CASEM (Diploma) – A licensed Physician who possesses the Diploma in Sport Medicine issued through the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine and Exercise Medicine (CASEM). Within Canada, the diploma is a necessary credential to call oneself a Sport Medicine physician.
  • CASEM Member – A licensed Physician who does not possess the Diploma in Sport Medicine, but is a member of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine and Exercise Medicine and has a specific interest in the field of sports injuries/sciences.

Non diploma members / consultants can only provide medical coverage at events and initial injury assessments.

Referrals from family physicians are required to see all CASEM diploma members / consultants for an initial injury assessment.

The following is a list of Physicians who have indicated they wish to be Consultants for the SMSCS.