Minimum Qualifications

Diploma of Sport Massage Therapy through CSMTA

  • Must be a registered massage therapist
  • Must be a graduate of a 2200-hour curriculum based massage therapy school
  • Must be licensed to practice in the province of Saskatchewan
  • Should be a member of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association (CSMTA)
  • Should have experience working with high performance athletes
  • Must have valid liability insurance

Services Provided

  • Sport First Aid Workshops
  • Sport Taping Workshops
  • Injury Recognition and Functional Assessment
  • Sport Medicine Education Sessions
  • Sport Self Massage Session
  • Medical Coverage at Sporting Events

Diploma certified and candidate consultants can only provide medical coverage at events and initial injury assessments.

NOTE: Massage Therapists can be any of the following practicing professionals. (information taken from the professional’s National web site)

  • SMT (C) – A Registered Massage Therapist who is Certified to be a Sport Massage Therapist through the Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association. Accomplished ALL that is required of a Certification Candidate and completed the NSMCP©; passed the written and oral/practical certification exam; can work at all levels of sport events; eligible for selection to Major Games and International Competitions as a member of the Canadian Health Care Team; can vote, can have a voice; can work and chair all level of Committees and serve on the Executive; can use the “Certified Sport Massage Therapist” title and the SMT© insignia.
  • SMT (CC) – A Registered Massage Therapist who is a graduate from a government licensed massage therapy school with a 2200-hour curriculum based program, or must be a member of the provincial massage therapy association that is member of the Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance (CMTA) and endorsing its standards; a graduate massage therapist who is pursuing the CSMTA National Sport Massage Certification Program (NSMCP©); can work in provincial and national committees; can vote; may have a voice; can use the “certification candidate” title and the (cc) insignia. Where there is a CSMTA Provincial Chapter, both National and Provincial membership is required.

Updated as of July 2020