Minimum Qualifications

Diploma of Sport Massage Therapy through CSMTA

  • Must be a registered massage therapist
  • Must be a graduate of a 2200-hour curriculum based massage therapy school
  • Must be licensed to practice in the province of Saskatchewan
  • Should be a member of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association (CSMTA)
  • Should have experience working with high performance athletes
  • Must have valid liability insurance

Services Provided

  • Sport First Aid Workshops
  • Sport Taping Workshops
  • Injury Recognition and Functional Assessment
  • Sport Medicine Education Sessions
  • Sport Self Massage Session
  • Medical Coverage at Sporting Events

Diploma certified and candidate consultants can only provide medical coverage at events and initial injury assessments.

NOTE: Massage Therapists can be any of the following practicing professionals. (information taken from the professional’s National web site)

CSMTA Membership Levels                                                                                                            

Student Member Students enrolled in an accredited Canadian Massage Therapy Program qualify to apply for a CSMTA student membership. Students applying for membership need a letter of confirmation of enrolment detailing the length of program, expected graduation date and if a sport massage course is in the curriculum.

Sport Candidate Member or CSMTA(SCM) Massage Therapists eligible to work in Canada, are members in good standing and registered with the Province or Territory in which they live, are eligible to register as a Sport Candidate Member. Sport Candidate Members must hold a valid Standard First Aid certificate with CPR, take the CSMTA Advanced Sport Massage Course, and provide proof of liability insurance and membership in good standing with their provincial body in order to maintain their membership in good standing. New in 2021 is the requirement for a criminal record check every 2 years.              

Sport Fellow or CSMTA(SF) – reserved Fully certified Members are known as a Sport Fellow. Sport Fellows are members in good standing with their Provincial bodies, have proof of liability insurance, maintain a valid First Responder with Sport module & CPR certification, have taken the CSMTA Advanced Sport Massage Course, have completed all certification requirements in the Candidate Handbook and have passed both the written and oral practical certification exams. New in 2021 is the requirement for a criminal record check every 2 years. 

Updated as of December 2023