This service was developed to assist sport, recreation, & leisure groups and their designated event coordinators to ensure that their events, competitions, and tournaments are conducted in a safe environment.

On request, the SMSCS will make every effort to provide medical coverage (personnel) for these events. As part of this service, medical and first aid equipment may be supplied as well as consulting services to assist in the “set-up of the medical coverage guidelines”.

Depending upon availability, physicians, physiotherapists, certified athletic therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors are available to provide medical and paramedical coverage.

To ensure the best possible chance of obtaining this service, a minimum 3-month notice is required for Regional & Provincial events, and 6-month notice for National and International events.

All services for event coverage have a cost associated with them.

Please fill out the service request form to the best of your knowledge. Once completed, send the form to Stacey Silzer at who will contact you on how to proceed.