All sessions are adapted to meet the needs of the sport and age of the participants. 

  • Optimal Sports Nutrition: Sport Nutrition workshop focusing on fuel requirements for sport performance (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats), timing of intake (pre, during, and recovery), and hydration planning. Aside from nutrition, athletes must also prep the required equipment which can range from $1495 and below.
  • Protein Timing: This session focuses on the importance of optimal protein dosage, timing, and type of dietary proteins. Education will be focused on maximizing the training  response.
  • Recovery Snack Preparation: This hands-on session will provide the participants with an opportunity to build the ideal recovery snack (based on their personal recovery nutrition needs). There will be an additional cost for food ingredients.
  • Training Camp Planning: This session will focus on the training camp schedule and ensuring that foods and fluids are organized to meet the energy needs for each athlete. The athletes in attendance will have an opportunity to plan out their training camp with optimal meals and snacks. 
  • Cooking for Performance: This session will provide the athletes with a hands-on cooking experience and will encourage them to learn new skills in the kitchen. Recipes will be provided. There will be an additional cost for the food ingredients. 
  • Competition Planning: This session will focus on nutrition planning in the week leading into a competition, travel foods to pack, grocery list development and planning a competition day (in relation to competition schedule). 
  • Grocery Store Tours: This session can be done in a local grocery store (max. of 12 participants/tour) or it can be held on a virtual platform (Zoom). The tour will focus on label reading and making informed food choices that can support the training demands of the sport. 
  • Sport Supplements: A workshop educating about the risks, research and possible benefits of sport supplements. This workshop will also feature a review of the 3rd party certification programs that exists regarding supplements (NSF Certified for sport, Informed Choice, etc.).