Workshops available for athletes of all levels with content consisting of :

  • What is Doping?
  • Banned/Restricted and Illegal Substances
  • Doping Control and Testing Procedures
  • Athletes Rights and Responsibilities
  • Sanctions and Penalties
  • Alternatives to Doping
  • Fair Play and Ethics

To book a workshop phone our toll free number 1-888-350-5558 or email

Drug Education Links

For Updated Information on Banned Substances, Doping Control Procedures, etc., please contact either:

  1. the SMSCS at 1-888-350-5558 ext 2, or
  2. the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport at 1-800-672-7775 or visit their web site at

For information on Ergogenic Aids and Dietary Supplements contact the SMSCS at 1-888-350-5558 ext 5.

Questions & Answers

Q. How Do I Find Information On Certain Types of Medications or Supplements That I May Be Taking, Which May Be Banned Or Restricted?

A. Contact the Canadian Centre For Ethics In Sport At 1-800-672-7775 or email Scott Julé @ the SMSCS office