Minimum Qualifications

Master of Science or Master of Kinesiology or Post Graduate Diploma in Kinesiology Relevant to the Science of Exercise Physiology

  • Must have valid liability insurance
  • Should have teaching/presentation experience
  • Should have experience working with high performance athletes and be actively involved in high performance sport science (new applicants must have the ability to demonstrate their knowledge & experience)
  • Must have 1 of the following certifications; CSCS, CSEP-CEP, ACSM-ET
  • Should be a member in one of the following; NSCA, SKESA, CSEP, ACSM

Services Provided

  • Metabolic Conditioning: Training the Aerobic and Anaerobic Systems
  • Physiological Program Planning & Design

NOTE: Laboratory Testing that occurs at the University of Regina or the University of Saskatchewan may have each its own minimum formal educational requirement such as Undergraduate Degree (Bachelor) in a health science field, Post Graduate Degree (PGD), Master Degree (MSC, MKin), or Doctorate Degree (PhD).

Updated as of July 2020