The SMSCS Board of Directors recently approved a Financial Subsidy Program for Consultants and Service Providers involved with the SMSCS’s Medical Coverage of Events program.

The objective of the Subsidy Program is to provide various levels of financial reimbursement for first responder certification or re-certification based on hours/events covered over a specific period of time for medical personnel involved with the SMSCS’s Medical Coverage of Events Program.  As a result of the SMSCS making FR(c) mandatory, it was felt those providing service should be eligible to receive some or all of the course fee reimbursed in the form of a subsidy based on the amount of service provided.

More information will be sent out in the next few weeks to all SMSCS medicine related members, consultants and service providers regarding specific details of the Subsidy Program

SMSCS First Responder Subsidy Program

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