Concussion 101: A primer for kids and parents (By Dr. Mike Evans)

5-minute intro to concussion for use at athlete/preseason/parent meeting


Concussion Management and Return to Learn (By Dr. Mike Evans – Appropriate for all)

10-minute intro to concussion with information on post-concussion management, appropriate for use with athlete at education session, pre-season meeting with parents/athletes, in-service for coaches/officials/teachers.


Brain 101 – Information videos

Athlete – 15-minute video/text/resources focusing on Recognize, Report, Rest.  Can be done in a group setting or individually.

Coach – 20 minute video/text/resources with quizzes built in focusing on Recognize, Respond, Return, Prevent with a printable certificate.  Can be done in a group or individually.

Parent – 15 minutes video/text/resources with quizzes built in, focus on Recognize, Respond, Rest.

Educator – 20-minute video/text/resources with quizzes built in focusing on Concussion Basics, What to Look For, Return to School, Graduated Activity Plan, and Accommodations.  Can be done in a group or individually.




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