Minimum Qualifications

Master of Science or Master of Kinesiology

  • Must have valid liability insurance
  • Should have teaching/presentation experience
  • Should have experience working with high performance athletes and be actively involved in high performance sport science (new applicants must have the ability to demonstrate their knowledge & experience)
  • Must have experience with video analysis & technical skill analysis

Services Provided

  • Technical Skill Analysis by looking at the muscular, joint, and skeletal actions while performing a given task.
  • Can be accomplished through:
    – Qualitative research in order to understand a problem (ie: injury, skill flaw) and possibly develop potential quantitative research.
    – Quantitative research in order to generate numerical data in order to use statistics (ie: angles, speed, distances, etc)
    –  May use: (Video, GPS, Accelerometry, Motion Sensors, Force Plates, Gyroscopes, Radar)

Updated as of July 2020