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Note: The topics noted below are examples of the services we offer. Upon request, the topics can be adjusted as required to better target the needs of your sport and group. Do not hesitate to specify your needs to our administrative staff when requesting services.

Sport Science Services – contact Travis Laycock at

  • Optimal Sports Nutrition -Sport Nutrition workshop focusing on fuel requirements for sport performance (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), timing of intake (pre, during and recovery) and hydration planning.
  • Sport Supplements – A workshop educating about the risks, research and possible benefits of sport supplements, review of the 3rd party certification programs that exist regarding supplements (NSF Certified for Sport, Informed Sport, Informed Choice, etc.).
  • Mental Performance Goals – A workshop educating on goal setting, setting realistic short term & long-term goals, monitoring goals.
  • Mental Performance Thinking Patterns – A workshop educating on Self-Talk and Negative thought.
  • Mental Performance Stress and Relaxation – A workshop educating on stress, managing energy, and using coping strategies.
  • Mental Performance Imagery – A workshop educating on how to use mental imagery & visualization effectively.
  • Mental Performance Routines – A workshop educating on how to use routines & practices effectively.
  • Mental Performance Ideal Performance State – A workshop educating on the factors and barriers in achieving one’s IPS.
  • Mental Performance Teams & Culture – A workshop educating on cohesion, trust, and team building.
  • Exercise/Strength Sessions – Also possible to set up small group training sessions with our approved training consultants.

Sport Medicine Services & Programs– contact Scott Julé at

  • Concussion Education and Management Program
    • Athlete Session- sessions on what is a concussion, preventing and managing a concussion, with an emphasis on the importance reporting a concussion and creating a supportive team dynamic.
    • Coaches, Parents, Administrators Session – details on what a concussion is, identifying it, and how to create and implement concussion managements protocols and plans.
    • Concussion Plan Development – this can be done as well…call for more details.
  • Injury Prevention and Care General (warm up/cool down, stretching, 1st aid treatments, etc.)
  • Injury Prevention and Care – Sport Specific (Shoulder, hip, etc)
  • Self-Massage and the Athlete
  • Taping and Wrapping session (1–2 hours). One-on-one individual session – call for more details.
  • Drug Education & Awareness workshop – consists of information on the WADA prohibited substances and methods, doping control procedures (testing), therapeutic use exemption (TUEs) forms and procedures, athlete rights and responsibilities, sport supplement awareness, alternatives to doping, and fair play & ethics.

Sleep & Performance – A 1-hr educational session on sleep quality and quantity, deprivation, effects on sleep through travel, nutrition, exercise and mental, medical considerations, and how to sleep better.

Sport 1st Aid Kits and Supplies – This is a great time for all PSGBs to be reviewing their current inventory to ensure they are completely stocked and nothing has expired.

Not offering the following Medicine related programs and services at this time (due to Covid):

  • Sport Injury Prevention and Care workshop – 7-hr
    • Sport Wrapping and Taping workshop – 7-hr
    • Medical Coverage of Sport Events program