• Calculator for 1 Rep Max [XLS]
  • Calculator for Weight Room Training Volume [XLS]
  • Calculator for Training Zones [XLS]
  • Calculator for Critical Speed [XLS]


  • Abdominal Exercises [PDF]
  • Leg Lowering & Core Strength [PDF]
  • Medicine Ball & Core Strength [PDF]
  • Sit Up Exercises [PDF]
  • Abdominal Sequence [PDF]
  • Abdominal Leg Lowering Test [PDF]
  • Bridging Exercises [PDF]
  • Grading for Upper & Lower Abdominals [PDF]


  • Aerobic Capacity Training Zones [PDF]
  • Anaerobic Alactic Power Training [PDF]
  • Anaerobic Lactic Power Training [PDF]
  • Meeting Energy Requirements Difficult [PDF]
  • Explanation of Training Zones [PDF]
  • Cross Training [PDF]


  • Agility Exercises [PDF]
  • Ladder Skipping for Quickness & Explosiveness (PDF)
  • Footspeed Court Drills  (PDF)


  • Flexibility and Stretching  (PDF)
  • What is Stretching Compared to Flexibility  (PDF)
  • What is Flexibility  (PDF)
  • Purpose of Stretching  (PDF)
  • Shoulder Flexibility Exercises  (PDF)
  • Stretching Instructions  (PDF)
  • Active vs Passive Stretching  (PDF)
  • Dynamic Warm-up  (PDF)
  • Benefits of Warmup  (PDF)
  • Why a Dynamic Warm Up  (PDF)


  • Intensity Values & Load Utilized in Strength Training  (PDF)
  • Developing Muscle Mass  (PDF)
  • Load vs Number of Reps  (PDF)
  • Training for Muscle Mass, Strength, & Power  (PDF)
  • Rest Repetition Load Guide  (PDF)
  • Principles to Developing Muscle Strength (PDF)
  • Strength to Body Weight Ratios for 1 RM Strength Test  (PDF)
  • Throws Program Progression  (PDF)
  • Comparison of Strength Training Methods  (PDF)
  • Pushing Exercises  (PDF)


  • Vertical Jump & Lower Extremity Joint Strength Relationship  (PDF)
  • Effect of Trunk Stability & Leg Strength Training on Vertical Take-off Velocity (PDF)
  • Complex Training with Combined Explosive Weight Training & Plyometrics  (PDF)
  • 12 Week Plyometric Progression (PDF)
  • 20 Week Plyometric Progression  (PDF)
  • Vertical Jump Centimeter Card  (PDF)


  • Leg Tubing Exercises (PDF)
  • Shoulder Tubing Exercises (PDF)


  • Physical Fitness Tests  (PDF)
  • Fitness Test Results Interpretation  (PDF)
  • Practical Analysis of Fitness Parameters  (PDF)
  • Preparing for a National Competition [PDF]
  • Training Principles  (PDF)
  • Developing a Yearly Training Plan (PDF)
  • The Unloading Phase  (PDF)
  • Sport Match Testing Protocols (PDF)
  • Under recovery and Over training (PDF)
  • Recovery Strategies for Sport Performance [PDF]
  • Recovery Adaptation: Strength & Power  [PDF]
  • Athlete Over training and Under recovery Symptoms (PDF)
  • Therapy Ball Exercises Guide #1 (PDF)
  • Therapy Ball Exercises Guide #2 (PDF)
  • Leger Testing Form (PDF)
  • Training History (PDF)