ACL - Injury Prevention

SASM would like to thank Lasswell Medical Co. Ltd. and Breg Inc. for their support with this project. Breg has a great website about injury prevention and bracing –

The Saskatchewan Academy of Sports Medicine (SASM) has made available an “awareness package” relating to the prevention of anterior cruciate ligament injuries.

What causes ACL injuries? A blow to the side of the knee is obvious. However, coming to a quick stop, combined with direction change while running, pivoting, landing from a jump, or overextending the knee joint can also cause injury to the ACL. Basketball, soccer, football and volleyball are sports that fall into this category. Women are more likely to suffer an ACL tear than men.

The following links will provide you with Exercises and written information:

  • Are ACL Tears Preventable in the Female Athlete? [PDF]
  • Soccer Injury Prevention [PDF]
  • Basketball Injury Prevention [PDF]
  • Volleyball Injury Prevention [PDF]
  • Football Injury Prevention [PDF]
  • Futbol la Prevencion de Heridas (Spanish Soccer) [PDF]
  • SASM Concussion [PDF]
  • SASM Concussion Assessment Tools [PDF]

To Request a free copy of the SASM ACL Injury Prevention video email the Sport Medicine & Science Council of Saskatchewan here.

If you want more information or would like someone to speak on this topic at your school or training camp, contact Cary Brunett, SASM Secretary at 306-493-2739 or by email .