The following are brief Consultant Reports for Professional Development opportunities that have been attended and partially funded by the SMSCS.


International Conference of Athletics Excellence (Oct,2018)
– submitted by: Donavon Dale (BSc, CSCS) PDF

The Female Athlete Course (Sept,2018)
– submitted by: Matt Okrainic (BSc, CSCS) PDF

The Sport First Responder Course (Sept,2018)
– submitted by: Matt Okrainic (BSc, CSCS) PDF

Denver PLAE Summit (Apr,2017)
– submitted by: Brad Posehn (BSc, CEP) PDF

National Strength Conditioning Coaches Conference (Jan,2017)
– submitted by: Chelsea  Guebert (BSPT, BScKIN, CSCS, Cert.Sport PT) PDF
– submitted by: Jordan Harbudge (BScKIN, BEd, CSCS) PDF
– submitted by: Joel Lipinski (BSc, CSCS) PDF

Sport Physiotherapy Concussion Symposium (Nov.2016)
– submitted by: Rhonda Shishkin (BSPT, BSPE, Dip.Sport PT) PDF

Toronto International Strength Summit (May.2016)
– submitted by: Shawn Kuster (BEd, MKin, CSCS) PDF