“Congratulations” are in order to two SMSCS Consultant who were selected to be part of the recently held PanAm Games. SMSCS consultant Monty Churchman, who is a Registered Massage Therapist/CSMTA Fellow, and Lisa Hoffart who is an SMSCS Mental Performance Consultant and Registered Psychologist, both recently returned home from the PanAm Games in Santiago, Chile.

Lisa, as the Mental Health Lead for Team Canada, was tasked with providing mental health and wellness support to all Team Canada athletes, coaches, staff and the mission team.  Monty worked with the Canadian Core Medical-Health Services Team (HST) as a Massage Therapist.  Both put long days and proudly represented not only Canada, but Saskatchewan as well!

Congratulations to SMSCS Consultants Hoffman and Churchman.

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