The Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan (SMSCS) is always looking for “casual” Consultants and Service Providers in sport medicine and sport science disciplines to provide the SMSCS programs and services to designated athletes and coaches in Saskatchewan (eg. provincial sport organizations). 

One of the goals of the SMSCS is to ensure that we are always recruiting, retaining, and promoting a diverse mix of professionals who are representative of the diversity in our province. This gives us the opportunity to have a broad range of ideas which allows our clients the opportunity to receive our services from a diverse group of members, volunteers, service providers, and consultants. 

It should also be noted that the SMSCS has established minimum standards for Consultant and Service Provider Qualifications for each of the Science and Medicine disciplines/groups noted below. These minimum standards can be found on the SMSCS’s website at (select ’Sport Consultant Directory’ for further details).


Science Disciplines:

  1. Exercise Physiologist
  2. Biomechanist
  3. Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  4. Mental Performance Consultant
  5. Dietitian

Medicine Disciplines:

Each of the individuals noted below are members of a provincial sport medicine related group that are members of the SMSCS.Medicine ‘Consultants’ are those that have obtained their Sport Credentials within their profession and can provide service in all programming areas.  ‘Service Providers’ are those that have not obtained the Sport Credentials, but can still be part of the Medical Coverage of Events program.

  1. Physical Therapist
  2. Certified Athletic Therapist
  3. Physician
  4. Registered Massage Therapist
  5. Chiropractor


1. Various Medicine related education sessions (1-hr) and workshops (7 -hrs):

            -Sport Wrapping and Taping workshop

            -Sport injury Prevention and Care (SIPaC) workshop

            -Self-Massage and the Athlete session

            -Injury Prevention and Management session

            -Sleep and Performance session

2. Concussion Education and Management Program

            -Athlete education session

            -Parent, Coach, Administrator session

            -Concussion Plan Development consulting

3. Medical Coverage of Events Program

4. Strength and Conditioning training programs and consulting

5. Mental Performance presentations and consultations

6. Nutrition presentations and consultations

7. Biomechanical Analysis

8. Exercise Physiology testing

BENEFITS of Being an SMSCS Consultant or Service Provider:

  • The opportunity to represent the SMSCS and provide services and programming on a fee for service basis.
  • Email Newsletter (3 times yearly).
  • The opportunity to be listed on the SMSCSs website as a Consultant in the area you have been approved for by the SMSCS.
  • The opportunity for funding for Group Professional Funding/Development.
  • The opportunity to rent medical equipment at reduced rates.
  • Reduced registration fee for professional development seminars/conferences hosted by the SMSCS.
  • General liability and malpractice insurance for any services provided on behalf of the SMSCS.

If you are interested in becoming a Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan Consultant or Service Provider, or for further information, please contact: Scott Julé at or Travis Laycock at .


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